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cheapest yet pretty cute DIY invitations! scrap paper plus lollipops and handwritten invites :) if our printer was working could’ve printed the messages but yknow. make-do :) had Enzo write his classmate’s names as practice as well, and so he’d feel like he contributed somehow to the preparations :)

personalized mocha Disney Cars-themed cake from Goldilocks :)

Brooklyn Pizza

home made spaghetti and hotdog on sticks :) plus icecream, juice, and cake :)

simple, affordable, memorable celebration :)

happy 5th birthday, baby boy! ♥

In ode to Barney the Dinosaur, who was his favorite for years, we had Enzo wear this costume this year :) little kiddo grows up so fast!


Prolly one of the most exhausting days of my life. Was up at 5am and met up with everyone else at the gate of our village and i basically ran after my 4yo for the rest of the day WHILE carrying my heavy-ass bag with the little kiddo’s needs and our DSLR and iPad and other essentials. BUT IT WAS FUUUUUN :) i’ll cherish these moments while i can, my baby’s growing up so fast. Our itineraries were as follows: Philippine Air Force Museum - Rolling Tour at Intramuros - Rizal Park - Museo Pambata - Manila Ocean Park. Dint take much photos at the last 2 destinations since we were just there a couple of months back. below are some snippets:


as much as i wanted to look around, i was too busy running after my son who was a supernova of energy (ball of energy didnt quite suffice it)



their story-telling session will be featured in NET25 :)

i want that cabinet!!!!

i want that cabinet!!!!

(via fashion-n-beauty)

(Source: pretty-glamorous, via fashion-n-beauty)

(via fashion-n-beauty)

i’m so going to make this! thanks ♥

i’m so going to make this! thanks ♥

credits to ♥ plan to make this someday :)

credits to ♥ plan to make this someday :)

(via fashion-n-beauty)

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